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Can anyone join
Almost, everyone over 18 is welcome to create a dating profile page on to share photos and comments with new people. also has a local business section that is only for United States based businesses.

Yes, is absolutely FREE for all users. Both the online dating and local business listings are FREE.

How do I add my business to
It's easy! If your business is in Las Vegas, NV you would browse to the Nevada directory and then the Las Vegas directory. On the Las Vegas (City page) page you can click the Add a listing link. You can add your business from any city page.

Bookmarks How do the Bookmarks work?
The bookmarks allow you to save and show your favorite businesses on If you find a business listing on you can bookmark it so you can find it later. Your bookmarks will also be displayed on your personal profile page for others to see.

Friends What are Buddies for?
The buddy tool on is for, well it's to mark your buddies. Once a person is marked as a buddy they'll be able to view your photos.

When adding new buddies you can choose to group them as a "Buddy", "Family", or "Associate". These groups will determine the information (Addresses and Photos) they'll see. This way you can let only "Family" members see your mailing address or let only "Buddies" see that crazy party photo, etc. This allows you to easily tell which of your buddies can view the specfied photo.

Friends How does the "Send Private Message " work?
When a private message is sent the senders Email address will be shown to the receiver. But the receivers Email address will not be shown to the sender. provides a safe way for potential dates to contact you without provding any information to them until you decide you want to share it.

Photo Gallery How does the "Photo Gallery" work?
What good is having a buddy without photos? Yea, that's why we've added a fantastic photo gallery that allows you to share up to 100 photos (per account) with your buddies.

You can also choose who can view the photos you upload by either Buddy, Family, or Associate. For instance say you have 5 "Buddies" and 12 "Family" members. When you add a new photo you select what group can view that photo. If you select the "Buddy" group then that photo will only be viewable by the people in your "Buddy" group, if you add the photo to the "Family" group then the 12 family members will be able to see the photo and not the "Buddy" group.

Comment and Reviews How do the "Comment and Reviews" work?
Business listings can have Reviews posted. This allows you to Review, Rate, and Discuss local companies you deal with.

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